seattle university pavillion
David Bonewitz - Principal
David Bonewitz, Principal
David Bonewitz has been active in the fields of architecture and construction for over eighteen years. With prior experience as a design consultant, an owner’s representative and a construction project manager, David has performed the... View Full Bio »
Michael Peterson - Senior Project Manager
Michael Peterson, Senior Project Manager
Mike Peterson has been active in the fields of construction, development, and asset management for over twenty five years. With experience as both an on-site construction manager and a Developer’s project manager, Mike brings a compre... View Full Bio »
Duane D. Allen - Senior Project Manager
Duane D. Allen, Senior Project Manager
Duane is an experienced project manager/executive with 28 years of success as a key decision maker, project planner, team builder, owner’s representative and business leader. He is excellent at swiftly ramping up projects in close coo... View Full Bio »
Leslie Hamstreet - Project Manager
Leslie Hamstreet, Project Manager
Bio Coming Soon... View Full Bio »
Robert Laney - Project Manager
Robert Laney, Project Manager
Robert joined Bonewitz CPL in 2018 bringing 10 years of combined experience in design and construction management to the firm. He previously worked as a project manager for a Seattle firm focused on commercial development projects in the No... View Full Bio »